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Sotirios Persidis, .

Sotirios Persidis received his diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 1963 and pursued with his Post- Graduate Studies in the University of Chicago (1966). There he held a Teaching and Research Assistant position. In 1968, he received his Masters Degree and two years after his PhD Diploma, from the physics Department of the University of Chicago.

Completing a year as a Research Associate in the University of Texas, he moved to the University of Thessaloniki, first as an Tutor in Astronomy and then, upon elections, as an Assistant Professor (1973). In 1978 and for a year, he held the position of a Senior Research Associate in the University of Cambridge and maintained the same position, for smaller periods of time in Max-Planck- Institut, University of Chicago and other universities, carrying out scientific research. In 1982 he became a professor in the Physics Department of the University of Thessaloniki, a position he held up until 1997.

The major research field of Sotirios Persidis is the General Theory of Relativity and Mathematical Physics in general. He published a number of research papers in international journals, with topics such as gravitational waves, space-time asymptotic structure, black holes, post- Newtonian approaches and solving Einstein equations.

He taught a number of courses in general physics, classical mechanics, relativity theory, astronomy, astrophysics, computers, analysis and other theoretical and laboratory courses.

His work as a writer comprises of 50 original scientific publications, 6 textbooks and 15 textbook translations. In 2007, he wrote Mathematical Handbook, an innovative reference book, available worldwide. His latest work is the book Calculus of One Variable.

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