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Calculus of One Variable Description

Calculus of One Variable by S. PersidisLearn more about the author. is comprised of 96 printed pages containing all the theory in a condensed form and more than 750 digital pages with details, which are accessible through the Internet. More extensions will be available in the future. The whole book has been designed to help students learn in little time and with the least possible cost. It is an evolving and expanding Alive Book of the 21st century.

The printed part is a regular size book in full color with less than 100 pages. It contains the presentation of the basic material. It also contains icons that represent links to additions in the digital part. The purpose of the printed part is to present in a concise form the material that the student must learn and use effectively, while at the same time it is hard to read from a computer screen.

The digital part contains additional material in electronic files. It includes examples, proofs, applications, solutions to problems and other extensions of the printed part. All of these additions are available to the user through the Internet. The purpose of the digital part is to provide more information of secondary nature to the user. The digital part may be revised or extended at any time reflecting students' needs.

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Calculus of One Variable Instructions of Use

Obtaining a copy of Calculus of One Variable, you are entitled to have access to the digital part (600 pdf files).

First you have to register in order to create a personal account.

Then you can login and display or save any digital file by submitting its name into a form field.

Full instructions of how to use the digital part of Calculus of One Variable will be available soon.

Read and Accept Terms of Agreement

Both the printed and the digital part of the book, are protected by international copyright. They are given to you for personal use only. To keep the price low for the benefit of the student, you should not abuse the book by copying it in any way.

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